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About Us

Since 1980 AKKAYA engineers and manufactures machinery for processing expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Intensive exchange of experience with all our customers enabled the engineering of cost-efficient, highly productive, easy to maintain and user friendly machines and production lines - which are exported global since 1990 as well. Our export share above %89 is due to the steady further developments of practical production-systems with the newest technology.

Akkaya has been producing EPP machinery and equipments since 2010, together with Foamatec.  


•Machines and production- lines for the manufacture of EPS- rigid foam insulating boards for ground floor, wall, ceiling and roof.
• Machines and production-lines for the manufacture of EPS-EPP shape mouldings


• Plant layout
• Spare parts supply
• Field installation
• Start-up
• Customer service
• Machine maintenance
• Improvement of production costs
• Staff training
• Design of turn-key production lines


  • Block-moulds in vertical design
  • High efficient Vacuum-systems for block-moulds
  • Cutting-lines for blocks
  • CNC- contour cutting unit
  • Recycling system
  • De-dusting system
  • Dosing and mixing system
  • Tight packing machine for boards
  • Batch- pre-expanders (EPS-EPP)
  • Storage silo systems for indoor and outdoor location
  • Shape moulding machines (EPS-EPP)
  • Take-off and stacking systems for shape moulding machines
  • High efficient central Vacuum-systems for shape moulding machines
  • Central material supply systems for shape moulding machines
  • Turn-key production lines for block and shape moulding production
  • Container type (mobile) production facilities


Our company’s quality policy;

To provide continuous customer satisfaction by using today's technology in the most appropriate way, to meet the demands of the customers with the optimum cost and in the desired term.