Akkaya exhibit 2.second time in this show .First was in 2012 ; to present the EPS-EPP sector that AKKAYA will be a part of the game.This was 4 years ago.Now with more experince and information from the market.

Customers show a great interest to know more about AKKAYA and its activities.AKKAYA present to the customers –Turnkey EPP plant in Germany realized 2 years ago near Stutgart.Also A EPS turnkey Shapemoulding Plant in Turkey with 14 different sized machinery inside.Also cutting line and custome made storage silo solutions had a positive respond from customers.

Customers allowed to visit this projects as reference customer to know more about AKKAYA possibilities.Please kindly contact us from  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for arranging a visit.

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Akkaya joining this fair traditionally again with same stand location. Due to the coop  crisis this summer , this year we have mainly visitors from export market from Balkan region and Gulf Countries. Also some customers from Ex-Russian countries visited us. Akkaya promote their lastest shape moulding and pre-expansion Technologies for EPS and EPP.

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This was a dream machine which was developed by AKKAYA with a idea of Manfred Steinle from Italy.One day he come with a photo of such machine from a competitor and asked ;if AKKAYA can produce such a machine in 2007.That time was a little bit early but  afterjust 1 year later AKKAYA decided to produce such a machine for a customer in Europe.The Project started with many difficulties in the beginning .But this year AKKAYA produce the 3.rd generation of this machine. This machine is used for production of roller shutter housing made of EPS .You can find companies with similiar product with  names ; Beck&Heun Germany-COFFRELITE –France ,EDILCASS Italy ,Polybat Tunisia,Inov Tunisia …

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Our company realized a delivery of special pre-expander to Lostfoam industry – OEM supplier in Germany in early 2016. With this delivery; this products become in our production plan as a standart product. Also Shapemoulding machine with the handling system, for lost foam is avaliable in our standart production programm.

Our company is co-operating with a German Company LostFoam-Common Gmbh for special applications and casting Technologies for turn key solutions. (White and Black part)

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Our Foil application Robot started recently for production of packing part of White good industry.You can also produce different foil applications; like floor heating panels etc.


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Germany- the  most experinced EPP-EPS recycling machinery manufacturer –HEGER decided to make a coporetaion agreement with AKKAYA in TURKEY and nearby markets on March 2016.After this agreement AKKAYA become official representative for HEGER in Turkish market.After this agreement , HEGER equiipments sales and services will be fallowed by AKKAYA.After this agreement,Mr.Jurgen HEGER  mentioned thati HEGER will have a competitive solutions in Turkish market.For more information about HEGER equipments, please click the website link.  www.heger-maschinen.de  

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Pre-expander dedicated for shape moulding plants , regulate the density with automatic measuring and regulating unit.With this machine stabilization time in silos can be reduced. Capacity is 500 kg/h at 16 g/l density, is enough up to 10 machines. 100 g/l density can be expanded in this machine with high density option.

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Akkaya produce single de-stacking unit and packing units for existing customers cutting line. With this improvement, without investing for a new complete cutting line, customer improve their existing production to a automatic system. Also automatic wire setting units can be adapted to existing cutting line for a upgrade and result is no dimesion problems during cutting process.

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Akkaya realize the EPP Catering Box Plant in Germany Stuttgart for a American Company called CAMBRO.Plant is designed by Akkaya engineers, from storage silos to P-Tanks, EPP sshape moulding machines and temper oven. Utulity equipments, such as boiler and cooling system meets the German standarts. Mould design and supply also done by Akkaya, as a package solution.


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Akkaya joining this fair traditionally every year. Due to the political crisis with Russia, this year we have mainly visitors from domestic market. Also some customers from Ex-Russian countries visited us. Akkaya promote their lastest shape moulding Technologies for EPS and EPP.

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  • Foamatec Gmbh / Central Europa
  • Burry Trading / France and N.Africa
  • EPS Production Tech. / Balkan's
  • Europlast Handelsgesellschaft M.B.H.A / Austuria
  • Libero Piscitelli / Italy and S.America
  • Eugen Krebs / Ukraine

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Since 1980 AKKAYA engineers and manufactures machinery for processing expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Intensive exchange of experience with all our customers enabled the engineering of cost-efficient, highly productive, easy to maintain and user friendly machines and production lines...